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A Stay at Ode, Toronto's Best Kept Secret

You can feel the artful energy and vibes radiating from within Ode’s doors before even stepping foot inside. From the street level, you’re captivated by the surrealist mural on the facade of the building. Upon stepping in, a monochrome candy pink brick wall with a terrazzo-infused staircase guides you to all the stunning and exquisitely designed bedroom suites.

At its core, Ode is fueled by a passionate and entrepreneurial spirit. Erica Herbert, who co-founded Ode with her family, migrated to Canada from Trinidad & Tobago in the 70’s, and one of her goals was to ultimately attain financial independence as a business owner. Instilling getting a good education as imperative for success, her children have gone on to excel in careers as lawyers, doctors, etc, yet also utilizing their creativity through their passion project conceived as Ode.

Discover Ode, the family-owned and Black-owned boutique hotel on Dundas West in Toronto, Canada, a cultural hub that embodies the essence of hospitality for every traveler archetype.

Ode is also just what its name implies: an ‘ode’, a love letter, a tribute to the beautifully diverse and artful neighborhood that this Black-owned, Caribbean-inspired boutique hotel is surrounded by. Located in Little Portugal —described as where “old world romance meets modern life” — is a part of town which Ode’s co-founder, Tiffany Ramsubick, is deeply enamored by.

The suite I cozily embraced as home for two nights is dubbed ‘Global,’ which has a clean, minimalist aesthetic with pops of mustard yellow, blue, and grey, and is complemented by a graphic brushstroke painting adorning the wall. The Global bedroom suite is also an ode to Tiffany’s favorite street in the city, Dundas West.  The room is adjacent to the street, allowing guests to immerse in all the city’s various sights and sounds.

Inside the Global bedroom suite, where writer Tiffany Harrison called home during her stay
Each bedroom is unique and further amplified by locally-produced art, courtesy of various Canadian artists.

Tiffany creates a personalized experience for guests with a warm welcome that feels familial, much like an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. All Ode visitors will sense Tiffany’s thrill to have them as a guest, which is apparent through her conversational, tongue-in-cheek way of answering FAQs on the website and catering to guests.

Each Ode bedroom suite is conceptually crafted by Alisha Sturino of Studio Otty with the consideration of each traveler archetype in mind, and is also inspired by the unmistakable essence of Toronto and its inhabitants themselves. Each bedroom is unique and further amplified by locally-produced art, courtesy of various Canadian artists. No matter which room you stay in, you’ll be accompanied by SMEG appliances, handmade ceramics and wine glasses with locally-crafted wine to pair. These personal touches ultimately evoke a comfy apartment feel, making a stay at Ode especially ideal for visitors who seek an intimate experience while visiting the Canadian metropolis.

Below: Design details within Ode’s suites


Beyond the rooftop oasis offering views of Toronto’s skyline, Ode also doubles as an incredibly helpful travel guide with local food, drink, and shopping recommendations. An abundance of little shops, bars, restaurants, and art galleries are within walking distance on Dundas West. Some of the artists that Ode commissioned for original murals throughout the property also have profiles on the hotel’s website showcasing their favorite places in the city, empowering you with direct endorsements from residents of the region who can help ensure you have the most enriching, memorable experience while staying in the ‘6’.

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Ode’s rooftop oasis, offering a retreat for guests and the community.