The Soulhaus is a destination inspiring re-imagined possibilities through an all-digital publication that features content written and art directed by a BIPOC global collective of resident writers and design creatives. Power in possibilities, inspiration and creative resilience are through-lines for the immersive editorials consisting of thought-provoking personal essays, poetic digital photography exhibits and creator features – curated by Jocelyn McCall, its Editor-in-Chief.

The name and editorial categories are a nod to the multidisciplinary nature of Germany’s iconic Bauhaus School of Design. Today Bauhaus is an expression that is synonymous with design all over the world. The influence of Bauhaus has been enormous and aided in an unstoppable cultural movement, despite the school’s short lifespan. The Soulhaus aspires to be a similar guiding light.

The Soulhaus is registered with the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute’s public database of Black-owned media outlets. Official badge below:


The Soulhaus was founded by husband and wife team Donald and Jocelyn McCall in September 2022. Raised in multicultural Black households with Jamaican and Southern roots, the two quickly realized their shared passion for Black culture, history and the untold stories of Black creatives. Over the course of several years, their passion morphed into building a platform to house these stories– the digital outlet now known as The Soulhaus

The Soulhaus is a digital outlet unapologetically amplifying Black creative voices excelling in the fields of architecture, interior design, fashion and other creative disciplines. It explores these creative disciplines at the intersection of race, identity and culture through thought-provoking content. The mission of the culture-shifting platform is to navigate the gap left by the historically non-inclusive design world and document the modern Black design renaissance happening globally. 

The McCalls see the potential of the design arts as a transformative tool that can be used by the Black diaspora to unlock joy, wellness and wealth. Through The Soulhaus, they aspire that every story they share is a call to action to design a life that empowers and inspires the community to live as their highest selves. Even further, they see the design arts as potentially healing tools in the larger Black community. The connection between creativity fostering connections and healing in communities is documented. The McCalls want to be at the forefront of this convergence and see The Soulhaus as a privileged opportunity to shift conversations. 

The parents of two children and a dog named Kodak, the McCalls maintain joy raising their family in Hopewell, New Jersey home located within the heart of the Raritan Valley region. Constantly making space for laughter and joy-inducing adventures their favorite activities include hosting friends and family, mapping out their next DIY project, creative projects with the kids, hunting for rare vinyls and exploring local distilleries and vineyards. On especially lucky days the family can be found scouting antique and vintage markets for Black cultural artifacts and home decor.


“The Soulhaus fills a void in the creative and design space, amplifying the work and voices of underrepresented talents.”
Essence Gant, Creator, Consultant, Founder of Gant Media
“Storytelling makes the world go round.”
Josef Adamu, Forbes 30 Under 30 – Creative Director + Founder of Sunday School
“The Soulhaus is a place where the ideas and heart of our culture can call home.”
Alexia Butts, Interior Designer
“I believe it is important to have a seat at “the table”,although, the table itself needs to be dismantled and reconstructed. The telling of OUR stories and accomplishments in the creative world is vital and helps us to claim our space while encouraging the youth to keep pushing forward.”
Vanessa Perry, VP of Communications IIDA NY Chapter
“THE space for black creatives to thrive, connect, and inspire.”
Jazmine Gould, Image Consultation
“In a world where the Black experience has been co-opted in many ways, for the benefit of those outside of the experience, it’s important for platforms like The Soulhaus to exist and be amplified.”
Khari Clarke, Director of Retail Operations
“The founders are building an authentic brand that is intentional when it comes to uplifting the community and connecting with inspiring creators.”
Raven Irabor, Producer + Creative Director
“I’m an advocate for creating spaces that we want to see ourselves in. I’m excited for The Soulhaus to inspire, educate, and amplify Black voices in an industry that historically lacks diversity.”
Victoria Adesanmi, Interior Designer
“Home decor is a means towards healing, wellness & self care too.”
Antoinette Arrington, Aesthetics Curator + Founder of Haume



Sharing inclusive multicultural soulful stories to inspire and energize creativity.