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Liberated Living: Home Decor Inspired By Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour

The cultural impact of the Renaissance World Tour transcends the iconic performances, custom designer looks, attendee ensembles and once in a lifetime memories, which includes scent with the launch of perfume CÉ NOIR. Beyoncé led a movement that embodies Black pride, cherishes ballroom culture and brings back the joy of dressing up to gather on the dance floor. “The goal for this tour was to create a place where everyone is free and no one is judged,” Beyoncé says in the trailer for Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.

The 56-stop world tour gathered 2.7 million people globally; all bound together by a love of dance music, community and self. Together, they witnessed Beyoncé’s creative vision, watching decades of dedication culminate in a $4.5 billion boost to the American economy. Through her seismic return to the stage, Beyoncé gave us fresh performances and new takes on timeless hits we’ve adored for decades. For concert goers, this is now a crystallized memory that will forever evoke liberation and a signature style.

“At any point they could close their eyes and be right back there and take it with them.” -Beyoncé



From lighting to wishlist selections to Black-owned brands – designers, tastemakers, and creative friends of The Soulhaus were invited to contribute home decor that encapsulates the essence of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, allowing our audience to bring even more magic home.

In the spirit of liberated living (and in honor of the film’s December 1st debut!), I invited The Soulhaus’ community of designers, tastemakers, and creatives to contribute home furniture, decor, and accessories that encapsulate the essence of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. From lamps to wishlist selections to pieces designed by Black creatives, each dopamine-inducing item was carefully chosen to mirror the energy of the shows, allowing our audience to bring even more magic home. 

Keep scrolling for the shoppable list—everything on is 10-10-10s across the board.


David Quarles IV


“This pick was inspired by the wardrobe curation for both Beyoncé and the tour’s attendees. The swirling of the black, white and cream reminds me of the sea of silver we saw all summer long. As the songs of Renaissance‘s discography communicate an air of regalia, I feel that this table would do the same for any space in which it was placed.”






“The Renaissance Tour is a celebration of authenticity with a heavy dose of the disco as its base note, which makes me think about the influence the 70’s had on interior design! This lamp is reminiscent of the arc lamps that were popular in that era. With its marble compilation of geometric forms at the base, the floor lamp not only speaks to the elegance with which the Renaissance Tour was crafted, but also the meticulous structure in every scene of each set.”




David’s Pick #3: Contemporary Mosaic Melted Disco Ball Sculpture

How can we talk about the Renaissance Tour without mentioning disco balls? I love incorporating them into design because of the playfulness they bring to an environment. From a formal dining room to resting alongside plants in your sunroom, disco balls can fit any aesthetic. Since the tour’s visual setup also explored surrealism, I chose this particular disco ball, as it is evocative of Salvador Dalí’s “The Persistence of Memory;” a piece by one of my favorite artists!”



For more of David’s design perspective, follow @david.quarlesiv

David Quarles is a Memphis-based Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Content Creator and Fitness Instructor – the true definition of a multi-hyphenate creative! His philosophy on life stems from doing and creating all things from a place of love. David comes from African-American, Afro-Caribbean, European and Indigenous-American descent; a vibrant cultural background that influences his work and movement in this world.

Antoinette Arrington

Antoinette’s Pick #1: Unbothered Elixir and Big Up Body Glaze*

Category: SKIN. This duo works together to have you looking cozy from the inside out.

A game-changing blend of adaptogens and bomb oil serum to help soothe skin, retain moisture, and aid in combating signs of aging and environmental stress. Energy on 10. Skin on glow. Stress on low. The best part? It tastes damn good. It’s a skin-win scenario.


*Deon Libra is a Black-owned brand


Antoinette’s Pick #2: Smart Goggles

When Big Freedia says “Release the stress,” you do as you’re told.

“Slip on this eye mask to soothe headaches, relieve eye strain and invite calm into the body and mind. Whether you stare at a screen all day, suffer from headaches or anxiety, or struggle to fall asleep, SmartGoggles keep you moving throughout the day and help you rest at night.”





Antoinette’s Pick #3: Stem i Wine Glass*

Black-owned brand

Good glass for THAT GIRL. Elegant…sexy…stemware redefined.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. You’re that girl, shouldn’t your wine glass be one too? August September transcends the ordinary and delivers elevated shapes, lines and immaculate attention to detail. Each piece evokes sensuality, elegance and of course, energy.”


*August September is a Black-owned brand



For more of Antoinette’s design perspective, read “Design, A Form of Self-Care” published to The Soulhaus and follow @haumexofficial

Armed with an eye for the unexpected, HAUME founder Antoinette Arrington creates as a form of visual expression, a way to transform ordinary life into a feast for the eyes. In addition to sharing her own stories and projects, Arrington also joins forces with like-minded creatives, including writers, designers, founders, makers and moguls, to create beautiful experiences in everyday life and spaces.

Michelle Wilson

Michelle’s Pick #1: Aurora Wall Mirror

Mirror, Mirror with Fringe on the Wall

Disco and metallic fringe go hand in hand. So much of Beyoncé’s wardrobe consisted of silver fringe that I’m sure disco’s pioneers would be proud! The Aurora Wall Mirror may not shine like a disco ball but its sunray-like design gets the idea across!”





Michelle’s Pick #2: Hand Embossed Lotus Six-Drawer Dresser

“The Renaissance album and tour are well-crafted works of art that will go down in history. The attention to detail shown throughout reminds me of this one-of-a-kind Hand-Embossed Lotus Six-Drawer Dresser from Anthropologie. The beauty is truly in the details.”






Michelle’s Pick #3: Milano Modernist Table

“The Renaissance Tour has been the showcase for bold glamor and statement attire. With its intricate details and show-stopping design, this polished nickel table lamp from Jonathan Adler embodies the essence of the tour.”







For more of Michelle’s design perspective, read “Discovering Dopamine Decor: A Self-Care Revolution Through Design” published to The Soulhaus and follow @bigg_bloom

The state of the world during summer 2020 left most standing still with no end in sight. Michelle Wilson, Operations Associate turned Project Manager, needed a creative outlet to harness her fear into something uplifting. It started with just one pot and left over paint from a home project done weeks prior but quickly evolved into something much bigger. Since then, she’s sold over 100 hand painted pots to those who tuned in to her flash sales every Sunday via her Instagram, @bigg_mich. She has also started a business, bigg BLOOM, where she offers custom pot orders, interior decorating, and professional organizing services.

Joy Navon Berkeley

Joy’s Pick #1: Oro Gold Metal Outdoor Counter Stool

“These stools bring the golden energy from Virgo’s Groove. They’re classy, sassy and sophisticated with just enough curves to keep your attention. The gold finish will add warmth and glamor to any space.”






Joy’s Pick #2: Kibo Steel and Oakwood Media Console

“While bold and masculine, the steel’s shine adds a femininity designed to draw you in. Also, the wood grain of the oak hugs this piece to create the perfect balance. Sasha Fierce would absolutely own this table!”







Joy’s Pick #3: Luca Spider Marble Side Table

“This end table embodies Renaissance—from the heavy chrome base to the luxury of the black marble top. The attention to detail screams “I’m That Girl” and it’s versatile enough to use in a bedroom, living room or swanky office space.”






For more of Joy‘s design perspective, follow @joynavon



Joy Navon is a Black creative and content creator who curates vibes through style and interior design. She prides herself on mixing her modern eclectic and abstract style with African-American culture.

Lorna Gross

Lorna’s Pick #1: Dana Gibson Leopard Lamp Shade

A coral lampshade with embroidered leopards symbolizes strength, power, and determination—all of the qualities of Beyoncé. Beyoncé’s Barbiecore outfit came to mind when selecting this piece. It also reminds me of her custom Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini look, which consisted of a shimmering, long sleeve bodysuit paired with over-the-knee boots and a coral coat.





Lorna’s Pick #2: Honeycomb Dinnerware Collection

Queen Bey. This Honeycomb Dinnerware Collection resembles the BeyHive, her infamous fandom. It’s only fitting to have Beyoncé’s fans reflected in an item. To her loyal, loving fans, Bey takes centerstage; just like this collection.






For more of Lorna’s design perspective, follow @lornagrossdesigns



Lorna Gross is the  President  and Principal Designer of LORNA GROSS Interior Design, a global firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial design. With roots in Louisiana, New York, and currently the DC Metro area, Lorna is as comfortable with the formal bone china dinner as she is with the raucous crawfish boil or crab feast. She is highly sought after for her keen ability to hone in on a client’s needs and create something simultaneously unique and classic. Starting her journey in the Corporate world, Lorna followed her passion to Interior Design.  She designs projects throughout North America and Great Britain and approaches each project with confidence and infectious positive energy. Lorna holds a B.S. in business, an MBA, and a B.A. in interior design and has received numerous awards and accolades.

Amber Guyton

Amber’s Pick #1:

Let’s get COZY!

“Comfortable in my skin, and on this beautiful Asymmetrical Serpentine Sofa in Sangria by AnthroLiving. This color screams Barbiecore and Bey’s hot pink fashion statements when performing “Cozy,” our new daily affirmation and anthem.”





Amber’s Pick #2: Enigma Peel and Stick Wall Mural

Champagne and Caviar, Baby!

“This peel and stick Enigma wall mural by Tempaper & Co. is the perfect twist on a black and white patterned wallpaper. It also mimics my fellow Virgo’s black latex style. It comes in 7 colorways, including this caviar and champagne number that will spice up any room.”





Amber’s Pick #3: Meyer Polished Aluminum Champagne/Wine Chiller

Oyster Shell Champagne Chiller

Speaking of champagne, why not add this polished wine chiller from CB2 to your dining room or bar cart? An ode to the House of Chrome, I love the details of this oyster shell bowl. I think Beyoncé herself would sit in it and serenade us all with “Plastic off the Sofa.”





For more of Amber’s design perspective, follow @blessedlittlebungalow


Amber Guyton is the owner of Blessed Little Bungalow, an interior design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. A passionate champion for personal finance, she believes that interior design should not be a luxury reserved for the privileged few and is committed to democratizing the industry one home at a time.

As an interior designer, content creator, and influencer, she has been featured and recognized by notable organizations and publications such as HGTV Magazine, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Forbes, Ebony, Apartment Therapy, Domino, Hunker, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Atlanta Magazine’s HOME, Good Housekeeping, and many more.

Remul Johnson

Remul’s Pick #1: Awol Erizku: Mystic Parallax book*

“Author Awol Erizku’s “Mystic Parallax” delves into African-American and African culture, from hip hop vernacular to Nefertiti. This book’s design and content parallels Beyoncé’s commitment to showcasing and uplifting Black culture. Her artistic endeavors, including the Renaissance album and Black Is King, align with the themes and concepts explored by the author. Also, the cover’s sequins and disco glitz perfectly captures the vibrant energy of the Renaissance World Tour.”


*Mystic Parallax was written by an Ethopian-American artist


Remul’s Pick #2: Meyourge Black Barbie Ankara Print Textiles

The Barbiecore fashion trend embraces Barbie’s playful spirit. Beyoncé’s outfits share the same whimsical charm. The Meyourge Black Barbie Ankara print textiles (available in everything from dinnerware to fabrics) captures Beyoncé’s vibrant stage presence. The pattern symbolizes inclusivity, celebrating Black culture’s diverse beauty and resilience.


*Meyourge is a Black-owned brand, founded by Liberian-born designer Remul Johnson



Remul’s Pick #3: Cocoon rental friendly fireplace

“Damn, I love the burning warmth of the Cocoon Stainless Steel Fireplace. Its sleek chrome design adds a touch of modern elegance, reminiscent of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, futuristic space-like set, and visuals. With its captivating sexy cool vibe, this rental-friendly fireplace creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance, inviting you to kick back with your feet up above your sins and truly unwind.”





For more of Remul’s design perspective, read “Meyourge, Not Your Mama’s Ankara” and follow @meyourge


Remul Johnson is a Liberian-born designer and entrepreneur based in Philadelphia. Inspired by her architect father, she pursued her passion for design by studying drafting and design. After spending several years working as an interior designer in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia, Remul took a leap of faith and quit her job to start freelancing. She later founded a design/build company, Chapter R Interiors, which provides a wide range of services to home investors, developers, and private homeowners.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Remul launched Meyourge, a home and finishes brand that merges traditional African aesthetics with modern pop art. With nearly 50 products, including floor tiles and silk dresses, Meyourge invites people to experience Remul’s culture through functional goods that also serve as art objects. As a former DACA recipient, or “DREAMER,” Remul has overcome setbacks to pursue her dreams, and she now plans to grow Meyourge into a design house that offers creative direction and products to new world retail and interior spaces.

Remul’s vision is to provide a fresh outlook that is inclusive and welcoming to cultures across the African Diaspora. Through her creations, she hopes to educate and contribute to culture, while having a positive impact on the design world.

Kelly Finley

Kelly’s Pick #1: Aspen Bed

Cuff It Bed for a Flawless Night Sleep

“This over-the-top bed is a luxury fit for a queen and reminiscent of the “Plastic Off the Sofa” set from the tour. Saying “I woke up like this!” just got easier.”





Kelly’s Pick #2: Multi Colored Glass Side Table

Church Girl Side Table

“Although the Renaissance World Tour is inspired by disco and encouraged lots of silver, the show still included lots of color and other metallics. This fun side table resembles a dance floor and brings both of those worlds together!”





Kelly’s Pick #3: Bee My Honey Chandelier

Pure/Honey – Honeycomb Chandelier Fit for the Bey-hive!

“This honeycomb chandelier is spot on for the Bey fans. The brass design matches the energy of Queen Bee’s custom bee costume!”






For more of Kelly’s design perspective, follow @joystreetdesign



Kelly Finley is a lawyer turned interior designer. Since stepping away from a decade-long career in law, Finley has chased color, diversity, and joy wherever they can be found…and created them wherever they can’t.

Finley launched Joy Street Design in 2011 and has grown it into a bi-coastal, nationally acclaimed design firm with notable features in The Today Show, Architectural Digest, HGTV Magazine, Veranda, House Beautiful and more. Mission-driven at heart, Kelly donates 10% of all design revenue to Joy Street Initiative, a non-profit.

When she’s not in the studio breaking design rules, you can find her seeking inspiration in far-flung corners of the world with a glass in her hand (always) and her husband and daughter in tow (sometimes).

Aurielle Jones

Aurielle’s Pick #1: Mid-Century Modern Karelia Bright Black Armchairs

 It’s Mrs. Carter if you’re nasty.

She is quite the moment. Black patent leather upholstery contrasts with intricate curves, bringing out modern fierceness and an eclectic spirit. Making a statement and taking up room is clearly this chair’s birthright.”





Aurielle’s Pick #2: Blush Round Eye Vase

Does it come in pink?

I think I’m falling in love. This flawless, pink cut crystal vase is the embodiment of all things feminine and classy, but edgy at the same time. Effortlessly blending modern elegance with timeless charm, this is a harmonious tribute to both Beyoncé’s artistry and the beauty of Renaissance aesthetic.”




Aurielle’s Pick #3: Silver Patent Leather Pillow

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, House of Chrome slays them all

“When Beyoncé said ‘I want something big, something that says, I’m here,’ she must have been talking about this show-stopping decorative pillow. This bold, sleek piece of art is the perfect statement piece for the gworls who love minimal design with a pop of wow.”



*Stud Pillows is a Black-owned brand founded by Aurielle Jones


For more of Aurielle’s design perspective, follow @studpillows



Aurielle Jones is the founder and creative director of Stud Pillows. In addition to her passion for pillows, she is an accomplished interior designer specializing in residential and retail design. Having graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012, Aurielle made it her mission to not only offer the most unique pillows on the market, but to also inspire a community around customized home decor made through her multidisciplinary design studio offering both interior design and boldly designed products with impeccable quality.

June Reese

June’s Pick #1: Op Art Bar

Monochromatic Magic

Much like this stunning gown designed by Marc Jacobs, this bar has an irresistible allure that captivates the senses. With its sleek lines and bold contrasts, it’s bound to become the focal point of any room.





June’s Pick #2: Piano Rebirth

Ode to Inglewood

“The Piano Rebirth by Frankie Zombie transcends traditional design—it’s a work of art that evokes the spirits of two legends. Beyoncé’s Pucci ensemble featured the brand’s renowned ‘Giardino’ archival print that matches Zombie’s avant-garde aesthetic. It’s a breathtaking union where innovation meets timeless elegance.”




June’s Pick #3: Saiph Floor Lamp

Iconic Silhouette

“This floor lamp has fashion finesse and is a brilliant illumination. Inspired by a striking, black structured outfit Beyoncé wore on tour, it echoes Queen Bey’s unparalleled grace and strength. Beyond being a source of light, it’s a conversation starter, a work of art and a symbol of refined taste. It exudes confidence and grace in every detail.”

June Reese is a force in the world of interior design, serving as the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of House of June Interiors, a full-service interior design firm nestled in the heart of Houston, Texas. Her firm specializes in residential interiors, remodels, and new construction. She is also the author of “Iconic Home: Interiors, Advice, and Stories from 50 Amazing Black Designers.”

In addition to her role at House of June, Reese is deeply committed to empowering fellow designers. Currently, she holds the esteemed position of Vice President at Black Interior Designers Incorporated (BIDI), a nonprofit organization. Through BIDI, Reese has been instrumental in fostering an environment where Black designers can thrive, providing essential resources and business opportunities.

At the core of her passion lies a profound commitment to uplifting underserved communities. A lifelong learner, Reese approaches every initiative with unwavering determination, boundless enthusiasm, and a contagious positive outlook.