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Discovering Dopamine Decor: A Self-Care Revolution Through Design

Dopamine-inducing decor may be the self-care we all needed after such a dark and uncertain time. 

During the life-altering series of events we all know as Covid-19, people were making good use of idle time at home. The pandemic encouraged me and so many others to prioritize their health, both physically and mentally. I started to understand the value of self-care and self-preservation. Though the meaning of self-care may vary from individual to individual, it can be both an act of sitting still or being active. Time at home during lockdown allowed for the space to play, to learn, to reflect, but most importantly to create. In doing so, I was able to identify who I was and what brought me joy. Once I had an understanding of what those things were, it was grounding to have it reflected in my home.

Interior decorator Michelle Wilson shares how dopamine-inducing decor may be the self-care we all needed after such a dark and uncertain time.



I no longer only wanted clean white walls and furniture with clean lines. Instead, I wanted a space where I felt like I honored my inner child — my very core — and in doing so I felt the happiest. Color and design felt much more powerful to me and I wanted to share my approach with others, so they too can have a space that brings joy. What started as a business where I created hand-painted goods and pottery slowly evolved into offering interior design services. I created my brand, bigg BLOOM, to not only showcase and offer my creations for purchase, but to encourage a different approach to being.


bigg BLOOM is harnessing and bringing forth your fullest potential. It’s being innovative and resourceful to reimagine something simple into something special. bigg BLOOM started because I believed there was a void in the market. I saw an opportunity to make something so simple and one of a kind with the use of color and print. A lot of what I have in my home is custom and I like to do the same for my clients when the opportunity presents itself. Whether that be hand painting old furniture or switching out hardware, harnessing your fullest potential does not require unlimited funds; instead, a vivid imagination and the will to bring it into fruition. To be able to be a part of someone’s home feels like such an honor. It’s such an intimate process of getting to know the individual and ensuring that their space embodies who they are when they are feeling their best.

Dopamine decor is a trend I discovered recently while doing interior design research. The name couldn’t be more fitting being that dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that plays a major role in how we feel pleasure. The trend can be the use of bold colors, unique shapes, electric prints, and textures to cultivate a feel-good environment that gives you a dose of dopamine. But don’t be mistaken; it’s not just about daring interiors. It’s truly about the feeling these spaces give you. Dopamine decor is just another way to surround yourself with pieces and colors you deem beautiful, and in doing so, it can completely alter how you feel in a space. 

My current apartment is a clear representation of who I am as a creator. It’s a collection of curated and custom pieces that I have painted or altered to tell my story. I appreciate an unexpected, child-like whimsy to be present, but in a way that screams luxurious and rich. I like mixing bold patterns with more subdued tones for dimension. It was important that things felt balanced in this space; fun yet mature, nostalgic yet modern, and high-end yet comfortable. I curated a list of items that can help you do the same. Creating a dopamine-inducing space is unique to every individual, but this list should help inspire you to make some feel-good choices in your home.