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Make Every House a Home: 17 Gift Ideas From Black-Owned Brands

The holiday season is officially here! Fortunately, we’ve taken the guesswork out of gift-giving with this stunning guide featuring products from all Black-owned brands. Whether you select these items or browse other offerings from the brands, you’re sure to find something for your loved ones — and for yourself too!

1. For Parents

A Junglaow tile frame for your loving parents (complete with a photo of you or the grandbaby of course).

Junglaow is an eclectic lifestyle brand known for its use of vibrant colors and patterns. Rugs, bedding, art prints, and more are available via the online shop and Opalhouse, its Target store collaboration. Additionally, the brand incorporates natural, recycled, and compostable materials when production permits. Shop the Baneet Oval Indigo Picture Frame here, $62. 

2. For Grandparents

A set of decorative fans from Goodee to keep the grandparents cool as they spectate from the porch (can also be hung as decor).

Goodee is a one-stop home shop that has a variety of offerings from brands that make a positive social or environmental impact. Leaving no stone unturned, you can shop everything from gardening tools to bathroom accessories and more on the twin brother-owned platform. Shop the Baba Tree-Bolga Fan Set of 3 here, $95.

3. For Homemakers

A Clare Paint digital gift card for the homemaker who loves a good DIY project.

Founded by an interior designer, Clare Paint offers a beautiful variety of interior and exterior paints. Formulated without common toxic carbon-based solvents found in other paints, Clare  ensures healthier indoor air quality. The spectrum of rich colors is wide, ranging from essential neutrals to electrifying brights. Shop the digital gift card here, starts at $100.

4. For Rich Aunties

A candle from Charlie Rose Company for the rich auntie whose home feels like a luxe bed and breakfast.

The Black-owned company based in Augusta, Georgia, makes candles from pure, natural soy bean wax, free of harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates. The varying scents are strong enough to fill up a room, but still subtle and not overpowering. Shop Lemon Pound Cake here; 8 oz: $15.50, 17 oz: $23.50.

5. For Grill Master Uncles

A set of delectable Smokin’ and Grillin’ with AB seasonings or sauces for the favorite uncle/grill master.

Smokin’ and Grillin’ with AB has it all: seasonings, sauces, cutlery, cookbooks, and more. The restaurateur and YouTuber known for his delicious recipes offers a range of kitchen staples to feed your loved ones a meal from the heart. Sidenote: His lemon pepper wings recipe is a hit! Shop the Spicy and Savory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce Bundle here, $19.99.

6. For Hosts

A set of Estelle Colored Glass stemware for the friend most likely to win hostess with the mostess.

Estelle Colored Glass is luxury, hand-blown, specialty-made colored glassware in jewel and pastel tones. The brand offers glasses, vases, cake stands, and other items. Like no other glassware, a piece from Estelle Colored Glass is just as much a decorative statement as it is a home staple. Shop the Estelle Colored Champagne Coupe Stemware Set of 6 here, $205.

7. For College Students

An inflatable chair from Curves for the niece or nephew whose dorm room could use some sprucing.

Curves is a contemporary homeware brand with the coolest finds, including rugs emulating classic CDs, jigsaw puzzles of your favorite rappers, dried flower bouquets, and more. Curves is for the person on your list who loves culture, good art, and a good time. Shop the Inflatable Ego Chair here, $230.

8. For Creatives

The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion for the creative whose intellect is as sharp as their wardrobe.

This stunning book of images, photographed by a community of Black artists and curated by Antwaun Sargent explores “the role of the Black body in the marketplace; the cross-pollination between art, fashion, and culture in constructing an image; and the institutional barriers that have historically been an impediment to Black photographers participating more fully in the fashion (and art) industries.” It’s the perfect final touch to a chic coffee table. Shop The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion here, $36.99.

9. For Newlyweds

A classic Beddley duvet set for the newlyweds starting a new life, full of tender love and fond memories.

Shark Tank alum Beddley makes three-sided zip duvets with tie inserts that make dressing the bed easy and quick. The brand’s selection of both classic white and colorful duvets and shams give the feel of cozy, luxe hotel bedding every day. Shop the Supreme White Easy-Change Duvet cover here, $169.

10. For Sisters

A MelaninMusing journal for your sister to write down her deepest thoughts and tuck perfectly into her nightstand.

MelaninMusing is a wellness brand made with Black women in mind. Its guided journal features writing prompts that encourage the writer to reflect on who they are and how they’re evolving. Created with the guidance of a licensed clinical social worker, it’s the perfect gift for the sister who’s growing and healing. Shop the To Get Lost Is To Learn The Way Self-Discovery Journal here, $37.99.

11. For Brothers

A flatware set from Karen Jai Home for the brother who has one fork, one spoon, and one knife.

Karen Jai Home is an online luxury home decor destination. From furniture, to lighting, to kitchenware, and more, the retailer has everything needed to curate the perfect abode. Whether it’s flatware, wall art, or a gift card, give your brother the gift of getting his house in order. Shop the Rabat flatware set here, $148.

12. For Teachers

An Effortless Composition bowl full of goodies, to include a spa gift card, artisanal chocolates, and gourmet coffee beans, for your kid’s ever so patient teacher.

Effortless Composition is a home decor goods brand that delivers artisan-quality pieces at an affordable price point. Ceramic mugs, throw pillows, and vases are but a few of the one-of-a-kind finds, all selected by the founder who was inspired by a love of interiors. Shop the Rust and Rattan Textured Bowl here; small: $50, medium: $65.

13. For BeyHive Members

A STUD patent leather pillow for the cousin with BIG Beyoncé energy.

STUD crafts the edgiest decorative handmade pillows that transform every space into a fashionable sanctuary. Your cousin who’s president of the BeyHive, or that friend who’s never been invited to the Met Gala but critiques all the red carpet looks like an Andre Leon Talley protege, will appreciate the statement pillows not made for resting. Shop the Mercury Silver Patent Leather Pillow here, $275.




For more BeyHive-inspired interior items, shop Liberated Living, a list curated by designers, tastemakers, and creative friends of The Soulhaus to encapsulate the essence of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour.

14. For Divas

A Sai Sankoh kaftan for the diva who likes to be the most exquisite fixture in her home.

Sai Sankoh, a native of Sierra Leone, created the namesake label which combines elements of vintage and contemporary style. Bold patterns and bright colors are commonly used in the collections of dresses, bottoms, hats, bags, and kaftans. Shop the Madagascar Goddess Kaftan here; viscose chiffon: $295, silk viscose: $545, silk crepe: $595.

15. For Globetrotters

A hand towel and bath sheet set from Bolé Road Textiles for the globetrotter whose home is a homage to their travels.

Bolé Road Textiles is a design studio headquartered in New York City with pieces all handwoven in Ethiopia. Each design is conceptualized in New York before it’s out to partnered Ethiopian artisans for production. Whether a living room throw and pill or a bathroom set, Bolé Road has a fine selection of Ethiopian textiles that will make a stunning home addition. Shop the Omo Bath Set in Azure here, $288.

16. For Introverts

A Qhue Lifestyle diffuser for the introvert who’s gonna pick the comfort of their own home over the streets every time. 

After a decade-plus fashion career, Quentin Hernandez started Qhue — a high-end and minimalist collection of fragrances. The products are available in the form of candles, fragrances, oils, and diffusers. Sleek design and gender-inclusive notes make Qhue a stunning choice for the homebody in your life. Shop the Intro Vert Reed Diffuser here, $250. 

17. For Go-Getters

And a Monazeni bag for the go-getter who’s never home. 

Monazeni is a luxury bag brand that combines classic and current elements in its structure, shape and overall design. There’s a range of styles, as well as colorways, so that there’s something for every sartorial aesthetic. Not sure what to get the person who’s never home? Monazeni is the answer. Shop the Anya Fur Bag here, $199.