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Insider Access: "2024 In Her Bag: The Summit NYC"

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Some Creative Agency recently hosted the highly anticipated ‘In Her Bag: The Summit NYC’ at Shopify New York, March 16th – 17th, during Women’s History Month. This two-day event brought together remarkable women entrepreneurs and executives, aiming to empower and support female entrepreneurship.

The summit, meticulously designed by Danielle Spencer, the founder of Some Creative Agency and Balu Organics, aimed to showcase the best of female entrepreneurship and foster empowerment, education, and collaboration. What initially started as a pop-up event has now evolved into a comprehensive two-day summit, providing ambitious women with a platform to pursue growth.

Discover the game-changing insights and strategies shared by industry trailblazing entrepreneurs at the “2024 In Her Bag: The Summit NYC” – empowering women to take their businesses to new heights of success.

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration from industry leaders through various engaging and interactive activities, including workshops, panel discussions, pop-up events, and networking opportunities.

“We were expecting 100 people [to gather] in this space per day, but 764 people came through Shopify this weekend to share in their growth as entrepreneurs, as women, as people who need people, and so much more…” Danielle Spencer shared with her LinkedIn community.

From thought-provoking discussions on industry trends to inspiring stories of success, our team has compiled a round up of powerful takeaways that we are eager to pass on to our The Soulhaus readers.

“In Her Bag: The Summit NYC” attendee moments

Strategic Branding

Panelists: Toni Payne, Lindsey Drennan and Maliaka Manning

In the “Strategic Branding” panel, the conversation emphasized the need to build a community, evoke emotions through a memorable brand identity, and a deep understanding of influence. The road to a million-dollar brand is dependent on creating a strategic brand formula.

“Go into everything you do intentionally and lead with your gut.” – Toni Payne

A few standout quotes:

Maliaka Manning: Global Brand Manager at Fenty Beauty

“You can influence people but the way you get them to buy your product is to imbed it in
their emotional system and the way you do that is by building community’”

“When you create a brand identity the goal is to be memorable. Take Nike for example,
they’re evoking emotion into every campaign they do and they’re prioritizing shared
experiences that a-lot of people can relate to. Evoke emotion through your brand identity
so your customers feel like they are relating to you and that you aren’t just a faceless

Toni Payne: Branding Strategist; formerly Topicals + Coach
“I don’t think celebrities are influencers. The people around them are the ones that
influence them to make decisions and purchase or promote a product. So for me, it’s
about figuring out the people around you that are actually the influence for you.”

Lindsey Drennan: Commercial photographer; formerly Vogue
“Invest the time and resources into your brand identity first. If you want to be a million
dollar brand you have to look like a million dollar brand.”


The Power of People

Panelists: LaToya Williams-Belfort and Nikki Kria

The panel on “The Power of People” focused on the role collaboration can play in amplifying your impact and effectiveness. The dialogue also covered the significance of developing a strong brand story, vision, and community-building efforts to attract investors and uplift marginalized individuals and communities.

“It’s very important to delegate and find people you trust and empower them to share their ideas.” – Nikki Kria

A few standout quotes:

LaToya Williams-Belfort: Executive Director at Fifteen Percent Pledge
“Running a non-profit is very different from running a business. Aurora and I were able to
bridge the gap because she had the entrepreneurial experience and knew how to run a
business and I had executive and non-profit experience”

“Really drill down on the brand story, vision, why you have this idea and what makes it
special because that is what investors are going to want to know.”

“Ask yourself; how are you building community? How are you showing up in spaces that
they’ve told us as marginalized individuals or communities we shouldn’t have access to?
Use your economic power to uplift other people and brands.”

Nikki Kria: Head of Communications at Kickstarter
“Make sure people are comfortable sharing an idea and let them know that it is needed.
Take time before moving to the next agenda item to give people the chance to add something to the conversation. Give people the space to contribute to an idea and let
them know that their feedback is appreciated.”

Strategic Partnerships

Panelists: Alison Ryu, Imani Nia and Milly Millhauser

The panel on strategic partnerships emphasized the power of founder stories and storytelling, the importance of maintaining brand values, and tailoring presentations to the audience. Consistency and authenticity were highlighted as key components for creators and entrepreneurs to maintain. 

“Never take the first offer, always negotiate for your brand.” – Imani Nia

A few standout quotes:

Alison Ryu: Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok
“Founder stories really resonate on TikTok because its a story telling app. I’ve seen so
many small businesses blow up because they tell their story and how they founded their
brand or story. If you’re looking to use TikTok as a platform to expand your reach, I think
creating videos and a volume of content does go a long way. You never know what will
take off and you never know what audience you’ll reach.”

Imani Nia: VP of Sales, Strategy & Partnerships at Brandon Blackwood NYC
“Brandon always said he wanted the brand to be affordable enough for his friends and
peers to buy the products and it stuck with us since the beginning. No matter the
partnership, we always make sure to maintain our brand values which is making sure the
product is accessible.”

Milly Millhauser: Content Partnerships at Spotify
“When sending a deck to someone, think about who you are presenting to and who is
reading it. Sometimes a one page deck is great for most situations but if you are
someone who is really good at audio visual assets, don’t be afraid to do it. Never limit
yourself on how you should present your brand.”

“Generally, the key to success for any creator, entrepreneur and business is consistency.
When I’m talking to someone that is creating a new show [on Spotify] I really harp on the
importance of consistency whether it’s how long your episodes are, the subject of your
episodes, your POV on the general overall mission of the podcast or making sure you are
releasing on a consistent schedule.”

“In Her Bag: The Summit NYC” Attendees capturing content and notes during a panel